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This year DevOpsDays Austin is using a slightly different “summit” format which affects how sponsorships work. Even if you have sponsored other DevOpsDays or previously sponsored DevOpsDays Austin, please read the changes for this year as many things have changed.

DevOpsDays Austin Summit 2018 Sponsor Prospectus

Feel free to contact us at [[email protected] ] with any questions.

Why Austin?

Austin hosts one of the leading annual DevOpsDays events, now in its seventh year. Every year Austin is one of the best attended and reviewed DevOpsDays events. Sponsoring DevOpsDays connects your company to local technical and business minds who influence decisions in security, monitoring, operations, engineering, quality, and product development.

Why a Summit?

Many DevOpsDays use a small conference format, where there is a sponsor hall with tables, talks are preselected, and so on. While DevOpsDays Austin has had great success with this format in the past, this year we want to have a more intimate event that highly engages local experts and thought leaders. As a result, there will be no sponsor tables this year, and talks will be voted on by participants at conference time. Attendance will be capped at 400 (including sponsors, organizers, and volunteers).

Happy Hour ($7000)

Only 1 available! Pending! You sponsor the happy hour. This price covers drink service for the attendees at the stadium venue - but if you want to do something more/different, we are happy to work with you on that.

Lanyard Sponsor ($5000)

Only 1 available! Sold! As the sole sponsor of the badge/lanyard, your logo appears on the lanyard.

Community Leader ($3000)

20 Community Leader sponsorships available. You get 2 tickets, the ability to put collateral on the unstaffed swag tables, space for a pop-up banner. Your logo and link will be added to the DevOpsDays site. And more…

Pay Now to Be a Community Leader!

View the sponsor prospectus for more details about the Community Leader sponsorship.

Visibility Option (+$500)

For an additional $500, Community Leaders can have their logo posted as signage, their company name placed on the schedule, and thanks given from the stage by the emcees for sponsoring one of the following special visibility options:

  • Openspace suite (10 available)
  • Lunch (2 available)
  • Wireless (1 available)

Pay Now to Be a Community Leader with a Visibility Option!