devopsdays Austin - Proposed Talks

There are 21 talk slots available. Attendees will be voting on site which of the proposals below will be presented.

  1. Batteries Included: Enabling Community Contribution by Aaron Aldrich
  2. FAKE NEWS! It turns out that your shell scripts can get the job done. by Alex Honor and Lee Thompson
  3. Marie Curie, Open Source, Kickstarter and Women in Tech by Amanda Whaley
  4. How does the fastest growing cloud computing software company do DevOps? by Shiva Ramachandran and Robert Duffner
  5. Use the infrastructure, Luke! by Ashley Roach
  6. Docs Like Code: Strategies and Stories by Anne Gentle
  7. Implementing DevOps for Simultaneous Development of Source Code, Test and Simulation Platform by Behlul Sutarwala
  8. Monolith to Microservices: Managing Organizational Change by Tobias Dunn-Krahn and Mattius McLaughlin
  9. Know your Infrastructure - Caching AWS by Chase Evans
  10. Network Audit using Ansible by Daniel Ney
  11. Security tips for AWS by Deniz Parlak
  12. Lessons learned after three years of automated deployments by Hector Villarreal
  13. Making Sense of Incidents in the Modern Era by J. Paul Reed
  14. Blockchain Infrastructure @ Coinbase by Jack Kearney
  15. You’re Writing Too Much Code by John McDonough
  16. Tick Tock for the OS Rolling Clock by Ken Robertson
  17. Ghostbusters: The Birth of Site Reliability Engineering at Coinbase by Luke Demi
  18. How to Sell DevOps in Under an Hour by Mark Lavi
  19. Mind the Gap: Put Ops in DevOps by Matthias Buchner
  20. Monitoring Tools APIs by Peco Karayanev
  21. Pick any Three: Good, Fast, and Safe. DevOps from Scratch. by Pete Cheslock
  22. Mock All The Things - Creating Integration and Load Tests with One Command by Samuel Manzer
  23. Kubernetes 201: You have Kubernetes up and running, now what? by Victor Trac