How does the fastest growing cloud computing software company do DevOps?

ServiceNow has experienced tremendous growth in its business and is becoming a larger enterprise. But is DevOps suitable for large enterprises or is it just for startups and small/medium sized businesses? This session will focus on how ServiceNow does DevOps successfully across the entire organization. We will discuss lessons learned on how to securely do DevOps in your organization. We will also share our unique DevOps approach to how we maintain the quality of our software code.


Shiva Ramachandran

A practitioner of DevOps who took a waterfall methodology team to agile and then into DevOps. He writes articles about DevOps and talks to enterprises on getting the DevOps journey started and how to scale it across the enterprise.

Robert Duffner

Robert is responsible for the Now Platform (ServiceNow’s PaaS offering) and the Nonstop Cloud (ServiceNow’s cloud infrastructure). A key area of Robert’s focus is enterprise ...